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Default Unbelievable, 'sod's law' - power supply blows


Surprise! Some of the desktop models of the Compaq
Socket 370 DeskPros use a custom 24-pin power supply,
a forerunner of the newer 24-pinners, no doubt.

I wasn't sure, but I figured something like that might be happening.
Still, I'd have to think (and maybe one of these days I'll find out)
that a person inclined to take the time could rearrange the pins in a
standard ATX supply to make it work. Compaq couldn't have been too
creative with the voltages.

If someone is really in love with a Compaq DeskPro
desktop case

It's a nice case...they actually used fairly decent steel for it. The
SFF Deskpro systems are not quite as sturdy, but they'll do. I see
things getting cheaper (thinner metal) into the Evo D500 and D510 SFF
boxen, up to the later "HPaq" models where they became almost totally

I got a Compaq Presario S4020WM tower that came to me with a blown
Bestec PSU and motherboard. It seemed like too nice of a case to throw
away, so I slapped a Biostar P4M900-M4 motherboard and a Socket 478
Northwoods P4 into it along with a working power supply. It needed
some wiring adaptation for the power LED, HDD LED and the power button
to be functional.