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Default Unbelievable, 'sod's law' - power supply blows

poachedeggs wrote:
I don't know dangerous this was, but a visitor just now says the pink
voltage switch on the psu isn't in the right position and then pointed
at my very long guitar nails. Could I have knocked it with them while
replacing the cord, we wonder in mild horror. In which case, maybe
the rest of the pc's fine? I've been looking at generic power
supplies, though their wattage is two or three times higher - are
these no good? Some are very affordable to me, ten quid. Is the odd
size of the Compaq EN SFF a factor or should a generic one fit?

Thanks for more feedback you two. (I've naively or otherwise asked in
a pc-building group about whether I can transplant everything into a
new case/psu too.)


Well, if the voltage setting was incorrect, then the PSU was receiving
220-240v when it was expecting 110-120v. That would burn it out for
sure, and with double the voltage, I do not hold much hope for the
motherboard either. The Compaq EN SFF uses a VERY much custom PSU.
Different shape and different power connector than the usual 20-pin ATX
PSU used with a Pentium 3... Ben Myers