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"Kevin Childers" wrote in message
By default I have come to own a Presario 5441. I'm looking to set it up for
the kids to use when they visit. It had a bunged up Windows XP Pro
installation, so I formated and started over with Windows 2000. Looking to
put it on a wireless home network.

CPU: AMD K6-2 472 AFX
RAM: 256 Mb (2 x 128 Mb PC100) I think this system maxes out at 384 (Bios
HD: Seagate ST39421A, 8.45 Gb
NIC: None yet, looking to go wireless, 802.11G though if possible.
Video: On-Board
Audio: On-Board
USB: None

1. Am I correct on the RAM limit?

2. What is the largest hard drive it will accept with out an overlay?

3. Can the CPU be upgraded?

4. Spotted some pins that look like they might be for a USB header(?)
(which leads to question 5 below.)

5. Where can I fine a motherboard diagram to identify the correct settings,
locations and ID for some of the items I can see on the mother board but do
not know what they are?

6. On the same note, where can I find full documentation on this model?
Went to the Compaq web site but did not readily find any in depth

Any information or references would be greatly appreciated.


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