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Ben Myers
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I'm not sure if SpinRite is the right utility. The original drive
manufacturer's diagnostics (Seagate? Quantum? IBM? Fujitsu? Hitachi?) would
be a better test.

I'm not sure if an Adaptec 2940 is right, either. If these drives are low
voltage differential (LVD), then you need a SCSI host adapter that supports LVD,
like the Adaptec 29160. Some drives operate in either LVD or single-ended mode,
usually set via a jumper. Check the specs on the drives... Ben Myers

On 2 Jun 2005 15:36:11 -0400, (Follow homepage to email me)

I was given three Compaq 36G hard drives by someone. They're 7200 RPM,
Ultra Wide SCSI, model AA03631AC6. That plus a 9G Wide Ultra SCSI3, part
number 313706-B21, model MAB3091SC.

All four seem to not want to be formatted properly or have Windows install
all the way. I've checked the FAQ, went through the links mentioned in
there, and read through this newsgroup for anything pertaining to me, but
found nothing.

I was also given the SMART-2 /P SCSI controller, part number 194754-001.

My question here is do the drives require the Compaq controller to work
properly? I've put them on an Adaptec 2940 controller card. The Adaptec
doesn't find anything wrong it seems, and Spinrite doesn't go all the way
through on them.

Am I missing anything or are these drives a toasty paperweight?