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I'm looking to upgrade the processor in my Presario (currently a
1.7GHz Celeron) and was wondering if anyone else had done this?
As I understand it the best I can get is a Pentium 4 with a 400MHz bus
speed because of the i845 Intel chipset, this seems to limit me to a
2GHz processor. There seem to be faster Celeron processors than this
and I was wondering if anyone knew if the performance of a 2.4GHz
Celeron is comparable with a 2.0GHz P4?
I looked at this before about 6 months ago and there seemed to be 3GHz
Pentiums around at the time with 400MHz FSB but I can't find any for
sale now.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I've looked a little deeper and it appears the particular flavour of
i845 chipset on the Presario 6207 motherboard can support a 533MHz FSB
too. That means a 3.06MHz P4 with HT can be plugged straight in. I've
just ordered one so I'll post a follow up here about whether it worked
or not.