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Default Presario SR1150NX -- Need to wipe and fresh install -- HOW??

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"OSIRIS" wrote in message
Hi all

I have a Compaq Presario SR1150NX belonging to a friend. I just set
up a new PC for him, so he's OK, but I suggested that I try to fix up
his old one so he could use it as a spare at his office.

It has Windows XP, but so many people have tried to "help" over the
time he's owned it that it's loaded down with, not only the bloatware
that HP/Compaq puts on, but also a couple of dozen freeware/shareware
things and some programs of suspicious lineage wink nudge. Anyway
it would be faster to do a fresh install rather than try to clean up
up all this crap.

Question: Do these machines come with a restore partition, the way
laptops come these days; or do I require some sort of a rescue disk?

If it's a restore partition, how do I "trigger" it?

If it's a disk, what would it be called, so my friend could search his
office for it?