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Tony Ramsden
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Default Aeroflow P4 Vibration

The TMD fan on my Aeroflow vibrates alot especially at low rpm , and
causes an awful drone all over the house, I can reduce this by
overriding the fan controller ( MSI Core Centre ) and setting it
manually at 5000 rpm, but this is not a long term fix.. So I've
deceided to change the fan, for a larger one and adapt it fit the HS
with a set down adaptor, but here lies my problem. Browins over the
web I can only find 60 mm to 80 mm adaptors, The original fan is 70

Does anyone have a source for 70mm to 80mm or 90mm adaptors in the UK.

Many thanks.

Perhaps the original fan is out of balance and I should replace this
with another ... any ideas.