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Default Hard drive partitions not recognised in computer

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On Nov 3, 1:19 pm, Ben Myers wrote:

JD Francis wrote:
I have an HP Compaq D310 Desktop, and recently purchased a Hitachi
Deskstar T7K250. When this hard drive is in the computer and I try to
run the Windows XP Professional setup CD, it does not recognise any of
the partitions and is unable to modify the disk in any way. When I
connect the drive to another computer via a USB cable and run the
setup, it can detect all the drive partitions and modify them.

Is there a way to get this hard drive working for Windows in my

You purchased a used drive if it already had partitions on it. Wipe the
hard drive clean with CopyWipe (free), and try again. The existing
partitions are causing some confusion... Ben Myers

I already completely wiped it with the manufacturer's disk utility
program, but this made no difference to the Windows XP Professional
CD. *I should probably add, that using a Windows XP Home CD, I am able
to install the operating system on the NTFS partition, which it
recognises, with no problems.

So it was a used drive?
Came from Windows environment ? ( vs. Unix,VMS, etc)
What do you mean by "completely wiped it" ?
Reformatted ?
If works as secondary drive, there the primary boot area is not used.
Did you look at disk structure when installing XP Home ?
Were there more than one partition ?
Were you able to delete existing partitions ?
Might it be you installed XP home to second partition?
So are you now all set, or still trying to install XP Pro
Can you install XP Pro NOW *( with XP home on there)

The drive was used, yes. I don't know its history, but it did have a
single NTFS partition on it when I got it that got deleted when I zero-
filled the disk. Windows XP Home setup can see NTFS partitions and
indicates that they are of this format, but the Windows XP
Professional setup simply says "Unknown" and displays the error "Setup
was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged" message
when I try to manipulate the drive in any way.

I've already tried installing XP Professional from a Home
installation. Everything works fine up until the point where it
reboots, where I get a Stop 0x00000024 error.

The drive is fine; I've already run a scan on it. I believe the error
is to do with either the configuration of the drive or that of the
computer, rather than a fault with the drive. Also, on another thread
I started in another group, somebody asked whether the XP Professional
disk had a SP other than 1 on it while the XP Home disk had SP1 on
it. This is correct, so I am wondering whether this difference in
service packs bears any significance on the issue I am having.
However, I have no way of obtaining an XP Professional SP1 disk so I
am kinda screwed there if that is the cause of the problem.