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Default Sorry, me again - beep warnings and BIOS stall on Deskpro EN

Well, I've switched it on this morning, and unless I'm mistaken the
BIOS defaults I applied seem to have cured things. Touch wood. At
any rate, it sounds that if I do have battery trouble I'll be able to
do it, once I know what a C2032 looks like, I'm sure there's a pic
somewhere online. Thanks again Ben.

On Nov 10, 1:01*am, Ben Myers wrote:
I'm hoping this is going to be simple because the machine is otherwise
working fine with the exception of the floppy drive, but my Deskpro
SFF 886 mhz seems to have some kind of problem which I'm hoping is not
related to a dying battery. *The first time I switch it on - to recap
it's (at least nominally) refurbished - some beeps happen and some
kind of message that says either the system configuration has changed
or the internal clock is playing up; I can see the clock isn't losing
time so hopefully that's a good sign. *I'm prompted to use F10 and
save settings, then the machine is fine for ages, till I next turn it
on. *I expected this to happen one more time when I swapped a CD drive
for a DVD drive. *Something tells me the company I bought it from
isn't going to be very co-operative if I approach them, though I will
try if I can't sort it out myself.

I've found and bookmarked a site that explains what the various beep
codes mean and will check that out tomorrow. *The fact that it works
well after Windows has booted seems hopeful. *The last thing I did was
to load and save the BIOS defaults - hopefully that wasn't an ill-
judged stab in the dark.

I didn't get a Windows 2000 CD with this machine so hopefully wiping
the hard drive it isn't going to be what helps, though I do have a
Windows 98 CD if the worst comes to the worst.

The company should have spotted this, it's annoying. *If it is the
battery, can I replace it myself, and what will that cost? *I can't
solder, if that's involved. *Would I be right to suppose that the fact
that once booted up it works well suggests the motherboard and RAM are
both fine?

Any advice from the chaps who've responded to my other questions is
welcome again. *Thanks.

The motherboard and RAM are fine. *The CMOS battery on the motherboard
is dead. *It has just enough juice to run the clock. *If it's a standard
C2032 3v lithium battery, replacement does not require soldering.
Otherwise, you'll need to inspect the motherboard and find the battery.

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