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Default Problems recognizing hard disk Compaq Proliant ML350

last week I bought a second-hand Compaq Proliant ML350 server. There
are 2 SCSI 9 GB drives in it, but they are not connected (I was told),
and there's also a 80 GB IDE drive, as well as a SCSI tape unit and a
CD-ROM drive.
The computer won't boot from the hard drive, but that's okay: the
seller told me he had formatted the drive (in another computer, why,
really?), but when I tried to install a copy of Windows on it the
procedure produced the message that "no hard disk was found on your
The thing is, when I enter setup (F10) it says that there is no primary
drive 0 found (it sees the CD-ROM drive just fine). It's not possible to
change that entry in the setup from there.
What options do I have? Take out the battery for a while to reset the
BIOS? Try to get the Compaq Diagnostics CD's from somewhere? Something
And yes, the drive is physically there, anmd it's spinning...

Thanks in advance