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Default Help! My computer will not stay on!!!

csar244 wrote:

This is kind of a long story...Please someone tell me what to do!
About 3 weeks ago my psu went out and I brought my PC to work to

have our IT guy fix it. He replaced it with a Rhino ATX 12v 450 watt
power supply (it had whatever the standard 12 v 300 watt for hp is).
My PC is a Compaq SR2180NX with Vista Home Premium.
Anyway, after he fixed it, it would come on, but now it will not

stay on! It will boot up and stay on for MAYBE 5 minutes and then it
will go blank. The power light is still on, but it will not do
anything. I have to hold the power button down for a few seconds
before it will go off. If I try to turn it on for the next hour or
so (sometime longer), it will only boot up to the start screen and do
the same thing. Sometimes the light will only blink and the fans
start to turn but they go off almost immediately. AgHHH! I have
tried everything. I have replaced the Bios Battery. I have cleaned
my DIMM. I have cleaned out all of the dust, checked my pins....I
don't know a lot about the "guts" of the computer so I am
asking for HELP! The other day I was able to get it to stay on for
almost an hour. I was playing solitaire and it shut off in the
middle of the game. This is driving me crazy. Do you think it could
be a bad power supply?

I completely agree with what you are
saying, BUT in my guy's defense, he did check the power supply before
he changed out. The old power supply LED light was on, but he did not
get any readings from it. The computer worked after that, but that
is when it started having the problem. It would work well for a few
days and then it would suddenly shut off. I thought that I was a
"sleep" problem so I would just unplug it (it wouldn't turn
off) and resart it. Progressively, it got worse to where it was
happeing everday. That is when I realized that it wasn't going to
sleep at all, but I had a real problem. I started visiting forums
and went to HP support and they told me that the power supply was too
big for my system. After doing some research, I found out that, it
didn't matter what the size. I could add a bigger graphics card or
whatever. That the 450W just meant that it was the max power that my
computer could use. ANYWAY, by looking at my wires, I only have
orange, red, black and green wires. How do these correlate with with
the purple, green and other colors that you mentioned. I'll see if I
can get a meter, but I am not very good at this kind of thing. I am
adding a pic of the new power supply and of the inside of my PC.

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