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Default Help! My computer will not stay on!!!

On Nov 20, 8:26 am, (csar244)
. Do you think it could be a badpower supply?

Obviously, he was speculating. He does not know. If there was a
short on the motherboard, then why did he replace the power supply?
He has list of components to replace. He just keeps replacing parts
until something works. It's called shotgunning.

Without numbers from a meter, everyone will just list replacing
this, then that, then the other thing. Answers based in speculation;
not based in facts.

Instead, know what has failed - what is wrong BEFORE replacing
anything. Your original problem could have been identified in 30
seconds before disconnecting anything with a meter. Reason for your
new problem would be definitive - no more "it could be this or could
be that" answers.

Don't forget to replace the power switch and CPU. Those too can be
reasons for your failures. Now you have completely replaced most
everything. That's what shotgunning does. Replace numerous perfectly
good parts. Get the meter. Measure VDC voltages on green, gray, and
purple wires before and as the power switch is pressed. Then measure
those voltages as the system should be turning off. To get replies
from people who don't shotgun, post those numbers here. Get an answer
without "maybe this or maybe that or maybe the other thing". Instead,
get an answer that identified the suspects without disconnecting

Since the original power supply was replaced without first knowing
what was bad, valuable facts were lost. Facts that might have better
defined what problem currently exists in the remaining computer. Or,
just as likely, the original power supply was never defective. Or
also likely, the new power supply is defective. A defective power
supply can still boot a computer. More reasons why we use a meter
before replacing anything AND use a meter again to confirm that new
supply is working. It is a power supply 'system' - is more than just
a supply.