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Default Intel CPU prices going up?

Yousuf Khan wrote:
On 10/24/2018 4:39 AM, Paul wrote:
I think the Ryzen is a single die with two CCX on it.
So your yield is for an 8 core chips.


The CCX's are separate dies. That's why AMD is able to produce so many
of them for cheaply. In fact, it's given AMD a real advantage over
Intel, as Intel can't easily produce multi-chip modules yet. It needs a
major design overhaul to achieve that. AMD probably already took the
pain during the Bulldozer years, ironed out all of the necessary steps
to produce MCM modules. Even though Bulldozer weren't MCM's, they had a
lot of features similar to MCM's.

Yousuf Khan

Looks like one silicon die to me. There are two IP blocks on it.

On the mobile part, there is one IP block (4 cores/8 threads)

"While Ryzen, Threadripper, and EPYC have used the 8-core Zeppelin
building block for their products, the laptop side of the equation
will combine the new high-performance Zen core with the latest Vega
graphics in a single piece of silicon.

Quad-Core with SMT
Vega 10 - 10 CUs (640 SPs)

Die shot of the mobile part, with one CCX on the left, GPU on the right.