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Eric Stevens wrote:
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Eric Stevens wrote:
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On 2018-10-15 13:36, VanguardLH wrote:
The future can only be predicted, not observed
(at which point it becomes history).

... and the predictions are calculated probabilities, not proven

I don't want to open a discussion about global warming (aka climate
change) here ... :-)

Human induced climate change is already evidenced and proven.

Climate change is already evidenced and proven. After all it's been
changing for billions of years.

Indeed it has. However, the current temperatures are possibly the warmest
that humans as a species have ever experienced and the rate of warming is
frankly frightening.

CO2 levels are also the highest in at least the last 650,000 years and are
approaching levels only seen in the cretaceous period 60mya

Human induced climate change is very
much open to debate.

Nope. Over 200 scientific organisations across the world support the
evidence for it.

This level of agreement within the naturally skeptical scientific community
is unprecedented.

194 countries + the EU signed the Paris agreement, although famously the
man-baby decided to withdraw (although not until 2020).

The debate is over. Now we must get together and solve it before it's too

I can't track down the original paper by Essex, McKitrick and Andresen
but you will find information about it at
The data we have about the temperature of the earth is quite
inadequate and is unsuited to the claims as temperature measurent

Sure, there are plenty of armchair scientists who think they know better.
Dr Ball is a geographer who clearly has an axe to grind for some reason. I
stopped reading your link after he started to introduce his anecdotes about
flying at low altitude and taking sea temperatures.

Plus he is wrong about how the north atlantic conveyor works, etc. Not very
credible, I'm afraid.

What is open
to prediction is how extreme it will get and when. This is dependent on
what actions governments take.

Have a look at the graph of temperature predictions at
Which model would you like to rely upon?

It doesn't matter. Climate modeling is extremely complex, the initial
assumptions can influence the final results. They're all approximations
from the best models, but they all have the same trend; global temperatures
significantly departing from the norm. None are consistent with there being
no warming.