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Thanks much. "copy 'file name' lpt1" worked just like I wanted. Original
file printed on my printer.

Regards, Hawkeye

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The only way I know is to "copy" it to the printer with a DOS command.
Do a search on "Print to File" on Google groups and you'll see the exact
It'll look something like this:
copy output.prn lpt1

Hawkeye wrote:

I have an Epson Stylus Photo 820 that works just fine for my needs.
There is check box option on the "print" page to "Print to file". When
I check this option, the output is sent to a file rather than to the
printer. The file appears to contain the character string that would
have been sent to the printer if "Print to file" box had not been

Is there any way to send that file to the printer so that the original
page will be printed?

Regards, Hawkeye