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Default Have A7A266; any point installing Zalman north bridge heat sink

If you dont overclock, and you dont have a fan on your northbridge then no,
there is no point

"Paul Moloney" wrote in message
I have a computer consisting of an
Athlon XP 1800+ on an Asus A7A266
motherboard. Recently, I got a Hush
Kit from QuietPC to quieten my machine.
One component is a Zalman Silent
Motherboard Heatsink ZM-NB32J (seen here

Since the A7A266 has a silent heatsink
on the north bridge anyway, there's
no point in installing this for sound
reasons. Is there any other point?
(I've no desire to overclock.) I can't
see any pros to installing the new heatsink,
whereas there is one con: I may screw
up the installation somehow, and fry
my motherboard.


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