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Default restore to non-compaq PC then use on Compaq PC ?

Long story short: Armada 3500 laptop - Remote user ( Mary) in So. America
had drive crash on a laptop I gave her - family asked me to help. I sent
Mary email asking if she had RestoreCD I gave her with the PC. (she has
access via public pc to email ) If so, I planned to ship replacement hdd
to her with write-up on swapping the HDD. Then have her restore. But
rather than reply to me, (they just called to tell me) she sent RestoreCD
to her family here ! Great . We have no local 3500.

If I config a desktop PC with a laptop HDD ( I have connector to do so)
and try to restore, I suspect when I try to boot CD it will tell me -
wrong model - no can do. Am I right ? If so, can I use the restore CD
somehow to restore to original config. Maybe if I do a dir of CD I'll find
a img file and I could use Ghost to image the hdd then ship both back to
her ? Otherwise I'll ship it all back to her and have her do it. I also
realize that even if I "do get it to go", I can't test it here for same
licensing issue - I won't be able to boot it. Worth a shot though.
any feedback ?