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Muhher Fuhher
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Sounds like the sink was not seated properly. try removing and reseating.
put some heatsink paste on in between. good luck

"James Walker" wrote in message
Hi guys,

I have a problem with a soltek sl-75dvr5 motherboard. It has a amd1800+

and 512mb ddr333 ram

The problem is at start up. I have take everything out apart from the
graphics card, and when I turn on the cpu fan seems to rev like someone

there foot on an accelerator. if I take the ram out it starts ok till post
checks the ram, it get the correct beeps code for no ram, and then the
revving starts. I first thought power supply, but with it starting

till it looks for ram I am now stumped. I don't have a multi tester so

no way of checking the power supply.

The problem started when the owner of the computer replace the heatsink.
Before that it was running ok.

Does anyone have any ideas