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"Fredericks" wrote in message
But it is being detected as pri or sec master. The problem is that I have
two harddrives (6GB and 4GB) as pri master and sec master respectively.
Neither of the hd's are detected if I set the jumpers to pri or sec slave
with the cdrw as master.

My old cdrw is still detected if I set it as slave, but its cd tray is
broken, hence the new purchase, a Samsung 52x24x52x. PC has mainboard
PCChips M748MR, 400MHz P2 with 128MB RAM. The pc is fairly old, so I don't
plan on buying a new hd.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a configuration that will have the

set as slave? Is it possible that the Samsung cdrw cannot run as a slave?

To clarify: if I set jumpers so that CDRW = pri master and HD1 = pri

then HD1 is no longer detected.
If I set jumpers so that HD2 = sec master and CDRW = sec slave, then CDRW

not detected and I get an "ATAPI INCOMPATIBLE Press F1 to Resume" error

Similar scenario with HD1 = pri master and CDRW = pri slave.
If I set jumpers so that HD1 = pri master and HD2 = pri slave, then HD2 is
no longer detected.
If I set jumpers so that CDRW = sec master and HD1 = pri master while
disconnecting HD2, the CDRW is detected and works fine.


Are you cabling them correctly? The master unit should be on the last
connection on the cable.