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In article , Fredericks
But it is being detected as pri or sec master. The problem is that I have
two harddrives (6GB and 4GB) as pri master and sec master respectively.
Neither of the hd's are detected if I set the jumpers to pri or sec slave
with the cdrw as master.

My old cdrw is still detected if I set it as slave, but its cd tray is
broken, hence the new purchase, a Samsung 52x24x52x. PC has
PCChips M748MR, 400MHz P2 with 128MB RAM. The pc is fairly old, so I
plan on buying a new hd.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a configuration that will have the cdrw
set as slave? Is it possible that the Samsung cdrw cannot run as a slave?

To clarify: if I set jumpers so that CDRW = pri master and HD1 = pri slave,
then HD1 is no longer detected.
If I set jumpers so that HD2 = sec master and CDRW = sec slave, then
not detected and I get an "ATAPI INCOMPATIBLE Press F1 to Resume"
error msg.

Ensuring you have IDE 1 and 2 detection settings in BIOS set to AUTO...
Just try connecting cdrw on ide 2 as slave, without any other device
attached as master on that port and see if it displays as 2nd slave
during post. If not then you're probably not setting the jumper
correctly. Have not heard of any cd-rom drive that cannot run as slave
on either port.
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