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"Fredericks" wrote in message
But it is being detected as pri or sec master. The problem is that I have
two harddrives (6GB and 4GB) as pri master and sec master respectively.
Neither of the hd's are detected if I set the jumpers to pri or sec slave
with the cdrw as master.

Try this . . . hd1 jumpered as master on ide1*, hd2 jumpered as master on
ide2 *, cdrw jumpered as slave on EITHER ide channel. Now in BIOS set cdrw
position to "NONE". Reboot and see if that helps. -Dave

* note that while most hard drives need to be jumpered as "master" if
installed alone on an ide channel, some hard drives need NO jumper set, or
other jumper settings to work this way (check the top of the drive)