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Thanks for having a look, any version would help.

Rob in Adelaide, Australia.

"Mike Calkins" wrote in message m...
I see you are from outside the US.

In the US, the 534 shipped with MediaPilot, but the earlier Presario 425
shipped with MaxFax. I still have a couple in the garage, let me see if
they'll boot. It would be a US version, though.

Mike in Houston

"robt" wrote in message
Can anyone help with the MaxFax Software that shipped with the
Presario 524? I downloaded a version from Compaq but it doesn't detect
the modem. I am rebuilding my Presario 524CDS after a HDD fail.

Can anyone email me status.exe from a presario 524? I think this is
all it needs as the modem init strings are within this file.