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I solved the comparison problem by installing a HP V 710 MB into a Compaq P
5260 that had a board failure. It's kinda cool seeing the Compaq monitor
come up with the HP logo at startup, especially since both machines are
"Deep" wrote in message
You do know that they are the same company, right?

Manufacturing wise, I've found that the Compaq's are better than the HP's,
but that was pre merger. I don't know if their manfacturing has been
alagamated as well by now. I haven't been keeping as interested as I was

one point in Compaq.


"Nate Rosenthal" wrote in message
news:[email protected]_s53...
I know that Compaqs and HPs are pretty much the same. Saw a Compaq 2172
that is comaprable to the HP 4502. In the specs I noticed that the HP

soundblaster 16 sound card and it wasn't there in the Compaq. Is it in

Compaq or not. One would think that it is, but.....

Nate Rosenthal