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Barry Watzman wrote:
The functionality that you want is present in the drivers and setup
programs for the touchpad, which should be factory installed on the
laptop. It sounds like you are just using a "mouse" driver, which
work but which will not provide the extra functions.

Kevin L. Mullin wrote:

I bought a Compaq Presario 3045US last week. The touchpad seems to
lack a lot of the functionality of others I have used - virtual
scrollbar on the side, the ability to "toss" the pointer to the
other side of the screen, etc. Is it possible to just download a
new driver or software to increase the features? I believe it is a
Synaptec touchpad.

Also, since I loaded all of my software on the machine, I seem to
have lost the touchpad control panel. The device manager says "PS/2
device, but nothing about the touchpad. It even says PS/2 device
when I am using the laptop without the external mouse - any

Thanks in advance,


If Microsoft Intellimouse v4 is installed, it removes the special
features for Synaptics touchpad, although the basic PS2 functionality