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Default What is it with Compaq support?

Are there really people so dense and incapable of original thought,or are we
really talking to a computer programmed with stock answers?
They continually give me a part number for a psu for my system that I know
is wrong,since I already returned one unit.I'm no expert,but I
don't see how anything short of a miracle is going to make a 20 pin
connector is going to fit on a mobo with a 24 pin proprietary connector.
But they keep giving me numbers for units that have 20 pin
connectors,because that's what the spare parts site tells them goes on my
I tried to point out the site also says my system uses PC 133 memory,when in
fact it uses 2100 DDR,but they can't seem to grasp the concept
that the site isn't giving people correct information.