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Default My old Compaq Armada 1585DMT laptop/notebook/lappy...

.... I used it almost daily in college. Yesterday, I pulled it out to see
if it still works. Heh, I snicker/chucked at its 32 MB of RAM, Windows
95 OSR2, my customized multi-config DOS boot menu, my animated Star Trek
LCAR boot loader, my customized animated Windows icons, etc. It is crazy
to see how thick and heavy this lappy is! Sheesh.

FYI on its specifications from my old text file: Intel Pentium MMX 150
Mhz with 32 MB of DIMM EDO RAM, 256k cache, 12" 16-bit high colors
active matrix display at 800x600, Cirrus Logic CL-GD7548 (LCD PCI) with
1 MB RAM, ES1878 AudioDrive PnP (without a true wavetable card), 10X
Mat****a UJDCD8700 IDE CD-ROM drive, internal Compaq Armada 1500 series
336 Fax Modem (33.6k), 2.0 GB IDE harddrive, Netgear FA510 NIC (PCMCIA),
2-button touchpad, and Windows 95.0b (OSR2; Internet Explorer 5.5SP2;
DirectX 8.0). Yamaha SoftSynthesizer S-YG20 v1.091t3 in Windows for
wavetable emulation in Windows.

Heh. It is time to get rid of it!
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