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I was not doing a capacity expansion by increasing the number of drives. I
was doing what they call a drive extension, where in the ACU you extend a
logical device's size onto free space in the array.

Inside of Windows Device Manager, after the extension finishes, I simply did
a Rescan on the drives, at which point the partition I wanted to grow showed
more free space at the end of its logical device. I did an "extend"
operation in Windows Disk Manager and all was okay.

I gather from the article you sent over that there are cases when an
extended logical device can have all of its Windows partitions marked as
"foreign". I didn't really understand precisely what those cases are. It
would have been nice if they had given specific examples.

For sure I am going to make and break mirrors of any partition before
attempting to extend its logical drive.

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"NuTCrAcKeR" wrote in message
I suspect your test was successful due to the fact that you extended a
pristine disk?

- LC

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The RA4000 and RA4100 fibre array software warns you that you
cannot expand drives when they run under Windows 2000. What is
the observed behavior for such cases? I tried to do it with a
small sample NTFS volume I created, and it worked without any
problems at all.

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