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"Jay Bollyn" wrote in message
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"Euc1id" wrote in message
You should get some blinking of the hard drive activity light

when you
it. If not, try substituting a different hard drive.

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you saying the HDD IDE electronics

might be
shorted out? This is an interesting possibility that I had not

On Monday, I will swap in a known-good HDD, and report back here.

I know I
have had bad HDDs (hardware failure) that prevented booting (very

early in
the POST) in the past. This possibility should have occured to me;

my bad.

The only 'user-error' I am aware of with this box, is the PS

switch was
incorrectly set to 230 (instead of 115). Can this incorrect

setting cause
hardware damage? If so, which components?

-- Jay

The computer will not run if the voltage setting does not match the
actual voltage at the wall outlet. If the computer had been used in
Europe or Asia, it might have had that voltage setting. The power
supply will not turn on if the voltage is wrong.

Earl F. Parrish