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Default Overclock 6700K Max Temps Prime95 Small FFT

B00ze wrote:
On 2017-01-23 20:55, B00ze wrote:

Good day.

So I've overclocked my 6700K to 4.5GHz; this required 1.3V base and with
LLC=6 it goes up to 1.360V in extreme situations, and this is where I am
wondering if I screwed-up the heat-sink/termal-paste somehow. What temps
are you guys seeing when you run Prime95's Small FFT (Maximum Heat) on
your overclocked CPU? Because on mine that particular test can make the
temps climb all the way to 93C. The heat-sink is a really good one
(NOCTUA NH-U12S) but it doesn't even get hot to the touch, it is barely
warmer than room temp, and I used good Arctic Silver TIM. While I may
have placed a tiny tiny bit too much I was real careful with the stuff
(maybe I didn't put enough?) Under normal testing I have good temps, but
under that extreme Small FFT Prime95 test, my CPU really cooks - do you
all get the same temps on air?

Good day Paul, Hanky Liu, all.

So I took the plunge - I had to open the desktop and move some hard
drives around, so I took the opportunity to remove the CPU heatsink and
have a look: Good news; I had, as I expected, just a tiny tiny tiny bit
too much TIM and the CPU PCB was NOT bent. Cleaned-up with 100% alcohol
(NOT rubbing alcohol) and re-did the TIM and put the heatsink back
(pretty much with the same amount of TIM). Since this is Arctic Silver
5, I need to wait a couple days for it to settle before I test again,
but I ran OCCT real quick and I get the same temps as before (70-80
degrees under the CPU stress test (NOT the Linpack)). We'll see in a few
days, I will report back.

PS: I had to move a drive because it was heating-up, it's a 6TB with
many platters so it gets hot. Turns out what I thought was a really good
feature of my Thermaltake Urban T81, those two 200mm front fans, is also
a problem: The cylinder in the center of the fans that holds the blades
is really big, and the hard drives that sit at that position do not get
any air because of that. Seems smaller fans are better...

Best Regards,

If I look at image 28 here, how is the air supposed to get
through that drive tray and rack design ?

The air from the top 200, it going to squirt over the top rack,
instead of going through it.

And I'm surprised there isn't a noise problem, from the
200mm fan being so close to the metal of the drive racks.

On a high velocity air cooled design at work, when a slot
is not filled in the chassis, we provide a "filler" card.
That's a box that fills the slot, and prevents cooling air from
leaking through the hole. (The air is then forced to go
up through the powered and operational cards.) The I-81
design looks like it's in need of both "dremeling and filling" :-)
Of course, I say that, because I love to mod stuff like