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Default Overclock 6700K Max Temps Prime95 Small FFT

On 2017-01-26 00:59, Paul wrote:

B00ze wrote:
On 2017-01-25 05:15, Paul wrote:

Your curve seems to have a longer rise time than mine,
almost as if the cooler is being "overwhelmed".

It's a "bug" in SpeedFan - I tried again and this time I added the CPU
Cores to the graph: They shoot-up to 88C immediately, while the line
for "CPU" slowly slowly slowly rises.

They barely get hot to the touch tho, which I find strange - on my
laptop the exhaust vent becomes really hot immediately when I run
Prime95, not so on the Noctua cooler in my rig, it just becomes
warm'ish - I mean it's higher than room temp, but I can leave my hand
there forever and never feel the need to remove it because it's too

You could try a more powerful fan on the cooler.

Yeah, I thought of that too - the Hyper EVO has a much faster fan, but
I don't know, Noctua fans are supposed to be good. Oh well, I guess I
will live with it. The only thing that worries me is whether I have
bent the CPU's PCB or not - if not bent then fine, it's how it is. And
if I did bend it, well I'm not buying another one, lol, so I will just
accept that it gets hot under Prime95.

The other issue with these designs, is "no cowling".
Mine doesn't have one either. A cowling on the heatsink,
would ensure that any static pressure the fan can develop,
goes through the fins.

Since I own a 37.5mm thick fan, if I had to attempt a retrofit,
I'd do a sheet metal cowling, plus fit the 37.5mm thick fan.
That's to get as much air velocity as possible through the
fins. I've only done one cowling/shroud for a CPU cooler here,
in the time I've worked on computers.

Air cooling goes asymptotic over about 800LFM (linear feet per minute).
Run of the mill electronics, might use around 200LFM. So there
is a point, where "mo fan" does "no good".


There's probably a couple ways the pipe wouldn't get hot.
Likely leaving no choice but to take it apart and verify things.

Yeah but for now I'm happy with it, I'm not likely to do anything close
to Prime95 in normal use.

I agree that the silicon die on your processor, is probably
pretty tiny. (All that FINFET goodness.) Which puts an extra
responsibility on the sole plate of your Noctua. If you had
one of those coolers where the bare pipes touched the processor,
then a couple of the pipes might be carrying all the heat. Yours
has a sole plate, so that gives a bit of spreading. The newer
processors have a thicker lid, which was added for spreading
angle too.

6700K - de-lid

That guy hits 87C with a water cooler, so my hitting 92C (max) on air is
ok, even tho he reaches 1.4V to my 1.360V maximum. On Large FFTs @
1.344v I hover around 67C which is fine. He dropped 20C with the de-lid,
amazing. Btw, I fixed the Watts reading not working by reEnabling SVID;
HWMonitor says I pull 135W @ 1.360V when I hit 92C (nowhere near the
177W that guy is burning).

Technique demonstrated on a 3770K

The first one, shows the motherboard measurement tool showing
177W when a bit more than your voltage is applied.

177W that is crazy; I can never reach that, my cooler setup would never

The second article, shows just how thick the IHS is getting
on these processors. It's there to get spreading angle
and make the thermal footprint larger on the lid surface.

DeLid is just too much trouble, even if it is extremely efficient.

For best results, the heatsink should be oriented such
that it had the feet of the pipes going across the
thin dimension. If just one pipe runs along the die, that
would give poor cooler response.

I think that's how it is for me...

In this picture, you could compare the three screws of the
normal socket mounting hardware, to the orientation of
your setup. I would guess they don't arbitrarily rotate
the die, between 3770K and 6700K :-) But who knows.

Yup, that's how it is on my MB as well.

My CPU would be a bit different, as the die is square
on mine. And the lid is soldered down. I believe at the
time, that was part of my buying decision (4930K or 5930K).
Too bad I was such an idiot on motherboard selection, and
am now limited by a gutless VCore.


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