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Default who would buy Exo 15E900: 15,000 RPM only 900 GB

On Friday, June 26, 2020 at 1:50:18 AM UTC+8, Yousuf Khan wrote:

Seems like it might be an older enterprise disk, judging by how small it
is, and its speed. So it likely predates SSD's. These days I don't think
we see much above 10,000 RPM, but back in the past they tried to go
higher. I have a feeling that they didn't become popular because of
their noise or reliability, or both. The fact that they still have one
to sell you, probably means it's reliable since it's lasted this long
already, but possibly it's noisy.

Yes I can remember in ye olde days, when you had a 42RU cabinet full of 15k
disks, and you needed earplugs.