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I put in a second 20GB hard drive on my 7594 with no problems and also
put in a DVD Burner recently. I was able to connect a 80GB Iomega
Portable Hard Drive to my Presario with no problems. My computer now
has windows 98 since I have older DOS based games I use it sometimes.
I belive you can't get any more memory then 512MB. You only have two
memory slots on the motherboard. I also put in a 3-D video card with
no problems. The design now is at least 4 years old since I got my
computer in august of 2000. Proably would be cheaper for you to get a
XP machine, can get nice ones from Dell on monthly payments and
possibly Tiger D irect.

On 31 Jan 2004 09:33:52 -0800, (BLS) wrote:

Wanting to upgrade my Presario 7594. I have the latest ROM upgrades to
install. On Compaqs site it only lists the RAM limitations, 512mb. I
assume the bios updates don't change this since it wasn't listed in
the Fixes. It does say it ands support for larger drives but doesn't
say how much larger. What is the largest drive I can use with out an
overlay or adding a card? I currently have the factory 10gb. Also it
says the ROM upgrade adds support for faster CPUs but doesn't say how
much. What is the fastest I can put in with out overkilling/wasting
money with only 512mg of ram. Has any one gotten this board (don't
have the number handy) to take a new bios for 1024mg of ram
successfully yet? I want this as fast as possible for games and
internet, plus possibly running CAD software.