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Default Presario 1250 monitor in Presario 1200?

I have a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop which works perfectly, but the screen
is hard to read because it has one of the older monitors that you have to
look at at just the right angle to see. I recently got a broken Presario
1250, which has the newer monitors which can be viewed from any angle. The
"new" monitor works just fine in the old system, so I thought I'd try
putting it in my 1200 and have one good, working laptop.

If I plug the power for the 1250 monitor into the 1200, the monitor powers
on just fine (no display, of course, since only the power is plugged in).
But when I plug in the video card connector, I get no display at all, and
then the system powers itself off after a few seconds.

I've tried every combination of cables and connectors, but I just can't get
the new monitor to work in the 1200. The 'pins' on the cable are different
for each monitor, so I doubt they will work with the original cables. If
someone has the pinout for the monitor and video card connectors, that would
help greatly (if not for this, at least I can use it for something else).

If someone else has found that it's impossible to get this monitor working
on the 1200, please let me know. But I'd still like the pinouts if possible.

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