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Steve wrote:

Its time I sussed this once and for all !...also useful to other newbies !

I need advice please to the following, it seems so commonplace a need and I
have been baffled by this ever since trying to write CD's with various
programs for over a year ! I now own InstantCD and there is nothing written
about it as far as I can see in their manual. Nobody I ask about their own
progs know either ! They burn a disc once and thats it ! I need to add
data over time, and read it on more than 1 CDROM as each CD is a certain
category to be added to for storage, like a Zip disc.

QUESTION 1: A month ago I wrote 230Mb of data (images etc) to a new 650Mb
capacity data CD and chose 'close session', but not 'close disc'. I gave it
a volume label in the wizard of HHCD005 to act as the title of the CD. This
shows in Windows explorer and is recognised by my file cataloging programs
(ADC by Elcomsoft and MyPortfolio). I now have more data to add to it.

I worry that choosing new project will erase the old data. I dont understand
why it asks for a volume label when inserting a part used CD,

Most burn softwares "imports" files from the previous session when you
add a session as the default. The volume label is usually not imported
as the default and even if it's the default, only the ISO, not Joliet,
label is usually imported.

Find out what the default behavior of InstantCD by experimenting on a
cd-rw disc. Burn a session and then add another session while observing
whether there are any options you can select.

QUESTION 2: is Volume Label the correct way to TITLE a CD. Can you have a
title for a CD like HHCD005 and lots of volume labels under this? Windows
Explorer, ADCatalog and Extensis-MyPortfolio progs see Volume label HHCD005
so I don't want to lose that.

Volume label is precisely the TITLE you are thinking of. But you cannot
have volume labels nested as volume label represents the cd. You can
see only one volume at a time. Each session represents one cd.

Again, experiment to see how volume name is imported.

QUESTION 3:How do I let it know there is part of the disc already occupied
and have it show this, in order to not add more data than can be
accomodated. I go FILE but don't see a command like Adding to a part used
disc, or import existing session.

There should be menu item like "Disc Info".

QUESTION 4:How many sessions can one add over time and does 'close'session
mop up more disc space each time its chosen than leaving session open and
just how much in fact ?

The first additional session's overhead is about 23M and each subsequent
session's overhead is about 14M. Because of the overhead, I usually
wait until I have about 150M to burn, limiting the cost of overhead to
about 10%.

QUESTION 5:When first writing to a new CD, knowing that there will be more
data to add later on, but you need to read the CD on another PC now, should
you 'Close Session' ...what is difference between Close Session and keeping
it 'Open'. Could I read the CD on my CDROM if Session not closed, but not on
another PC ?

CDROM only reads the last closed session. Open session can be read only
by burners.

Last time I tried this I somehow imported previous tracks it found on Cd,
but then it wrote these again to the CD, rather than adding the new data on
the end of these, prematurely filling the disc.

If imported, it should not have been burnt AGAIN unless the files have