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***** charles February 8th 07 10:15 PM

SR1603WM won't boot?
Hi all,

I just got a hold of a Presario SR1603WM computer.
It as a Sempron 3200 in it with one stick of 512M ram.
When I first got it I determined that the power supply
was bad so I got a new one. After I hooked it up, the
computer does the same thing, after I push the power
button, the keyboard lights flash, the monitor light goes
from amber to green, the hd light flickers and that's it,
nothing on the screen, no boot routine. Does this
mean the motherboard is fried? Any other insights?


daffcs February 19th 07 08:54 AM

SR1603WM won't boot?
Hi charles

i have had this problem with computers that i have worked on and i
found that sometimes if you pull the modem out the computer they boot
up. hope this helps.


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