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- Bobb - April 30th 09 01:27 AM

CMOS bad ? factory default settings
For compaq PC's, I found this note I wrote in an old Service QRG ( from
1. Hold Fn key and power up.
2. Tap Fn+F11 quickly
3. mem counts up
4. disk seeks
5. Then get " Error 162" ( this normal)
6. Press F1 to "Save Changes" - now back to factory default settings

Might still work on current pc's ??

William R. Walsh April 30th 09 02:47 AM

CMOS bad ? factory default settings

My somewhat educated guess is that it would work with any system carrying a
true Compaq BIOS and with an FN key.

I say "educated" because I once found a set of keystrokes to turn on a
software keyboard click on a Compaq XT-class system described in Peter
Norton's "Inside The IBM PC" book. To my complete amazement, it worked
perfectly on my then current laptop, a Contura 410C. I guess the code to
support that feature never was removed, at least not to that point.


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