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navyfalcon August 14th 16 05:09 AM

overclocking the HP 6005 MT computer
Has anybody overclocked the:
HP 6005 PRO MT PHENOM II x4 QC B97 3.20GHz

It would require increasing the cooling
It may require replacing the Power Supply
It would require either software overclocking or flashing the BIOS

If you or anyone has overclocked the HP 6005 Pro MT, how did you do it ??
I have a HP 6005 PRO MT and would like to moderately overclock it

Has anybody replaced the PHENOM II x4 QC B97 3.2GHz with the:
AMD Phenom II X4 980 Black Edition Quad Core CPU 3.7GHz
Did the board support it.

I have been unable to find the manual on the HP 6005 Pro MT motherboard
MOBO 531966-001 that should have the processor compatibility information on it.

any help would be appreciated

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