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Silvertip August 4th 04 05:29 AM

Water cooling? Which one?
One of the better options out is the Koolance Exos Al. Self contained,
quiet, easy to set up, good cooling, and good looking. It also can sit
right on top of your case, and if the situation requires it, be easily
transferred to another case/system. I have two systems that are
watercooled. One is in a Swiftech QPower (not available any more
unfortunately) and the other is the Koolance. I get temps that are very
close with both systems. Room temp (I live in the desert) stays pretty
steady at 28c and according to MBM, my case temps stay at 32/33c with the
processor ranging from 34c at idle to 44c after two hours of intense flight
simming. Since I was looking for a way to keep the system temps within
reason while trying not to break the bank with high elec. bills ( a/c uses a
LOT), water cooling was the best way for me. Two sites that are very good
to check out are


They both have lots of good reviews and information and also a host of
links. Also check out the hardware.overclocking newsgroup. Trust me, the
thought of watercooling might be scary, but it is reasonably simple to do,
and if done properly (like using the Koolance or something similar) is also
safe. My Swiftech system has been running for almost a year now with no
problems and the Koolance system for three months. HTH

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From: "SysCold"
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Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 4:34 PM
Subject: Water cooling? Which one?

Which water cooling system would you suggest me? It MUST look nice, cool
at least good as Zalman CNPS700A-AlCu, and (optinal) have cooler for
GPU.. Here is what I was thinking about:

Zalmas Reserator 1

Thermaltake Aquarius III

Does anyone have any experience with those? I'll use it for overclocking.


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