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- Bobb - May 5th 08 01:49 PM

HP Smart Web Printing ? memory could not be read
Maybe it's a conflict with something else on my pc - not sure - but if
you're having random issues with IE errors ...here's a heads-up.

I installed it a few months ago and a month or so later started getting
popups error when I closed IE6. Since it wasn't an immediate problem, I
didn't make the direct connection between my error and the app. ( I had
also installed other stuff, XP updates in the meantime). While first
troubleshooting I noticed it was turned on and I manually turned it off
(unchecked it in IE) - thinking - no longer selected. Next time it
happened I checked it and - it turned itself back on. When I noticed that,
I uninstalled it and now it's been a few weeks - no more popups.

The name in the pop-up box title is:
AutomatedTestServer_Browser:iexplore_Application Error
and the error shows :
" The instruction at "different_address_each_time" referenced memory at
'00000000'. The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the
program. "

Click OK and it closes - leaving NOTHING in events logs. (XP SP2 - most
I just checked google and hp for known errors. I see now a new version
came out last week - so may be OK. Good luck, but if you get errors now
you know.

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