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Razvan May 29th 04 06:00 PM

Howto install the drivers for mobility Radeon 9200 on Compaq X1000 with Windows Server 2003 !!! (solution)
Hello everybody !!!

I just has a very bad experience with the Radeon Mobility
9200 on a laptop Compaq X1000. I have lost half a day trying to figure
out how to install the damn driver on this laptop.

Problem 1:
The driver that you download from Compaq:


does not work out of the box with Windows Server 2003 because the OS
it is recognised as Windows XP 64 and the driver for it is not even
written at this time.

Execute the file SP27431.exe (this file contains the driver
version 7.96 (release Date: 2004-03-18). It will attepmt to install
the driver and fail. The good point is that is will inflate the
driver's files into


This is the default location. Naturally you can change it.
Now right click on the Setup.exe file then select properties
and compatibility mode. In the combo box select Windows XP. Now the
driver will install without a hinch.

Problem 2:
When the video acceleration is disabled the driver will crash
your brand new Windows Server 2003. Solution: before rebooting (this
is required by the previous step) enable acceleration to the full.

The acceleration is disabled by default on Windows Server

Well, that's it.
I won't tell you how many times I have rebooted and how many
posts I have read before finding this solution.
ATI is not seriuos about the driver issues. I know that they
are not supporting the driver on Windos Server 2003 but at least they
should run the damn driver once and warn the people about its use.

Have a nice day,

Avsh550 August 12th 04 07:13 AM

You may want to try the beta version of Radeon driver for Windows X
64-bit. It is RADEON, Version: 8.01-040421a-015296E-ATI, dated May 26
2004, and available at the following link:

Installed without any problems, and did not crash upon server reboot
So far, it has worked ok

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