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poool July 9th 08 09:06 AM

Graphic Problem


I've a Compaq Presario 2200 laptop. I have the same problem as Bill,
one of the member. I cut and paste his problem description and the
answer to it from another thread. My problem is similar but the
solution that was offered by Bob Buckland does not work for me. I don't
have SMS Mirror Driver. I have Intel Extreme Graphics 2 for mobile and
in the Device Manager for Display adapters I have two identical lines
that say, "Intel(R) 82852 GM/GME Graphics Controller". Unser Monitors
there're two identical lines that state"Plug and Play Monitor".

Thank you very much in advance.

Bob Buckland wrote to Bill,

Hi Bill,

Have you installed any software recently that involved remote online
access to your PC or troubleshooting, or other software you
installed recently?

When you checked for the driver were you checking to see if your driver
was current or it there was more than one driver listed in
the System icon listed in the Control Panel?

In the Device Manager under the System icon in the Control is there an
SMS Mirror Driver listed? If so, if you turn it off or delete it then
restart the PC does the display come back to normal?

If not, are you using two monitors on your graphics card?

"Bill" wrote in message
Good morning. I have a issue with MS Office 2007. Unitl recently MS
2007 worked fine, however, a couple of weeks backsomething cause the
display of the icons and ribbons in all of the office 2007 programs to
switch to what resembles the old VGA 256 scheme. I have checked the
Panel display properties and ensured that its set at Color Quality:
(32 Bit) anf that the driver is correct. I have also checked the
accessibility options to ensure that its display "Use High Contrast" is
activiated. All other programs including IE work fine and display their
correctly. The issue is isolated to MS Office 2007. It appears that it
not using the video driver resulting in its using a default driver
of displaying objectives in the 16 to 256 color range. Any help is
appreciated..... Thanks Bill

Bob Buckland ?:-)
MS Office System Products MVP

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