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Davy February 4th 07 06:05 AM

Compaq Presario 2100 wont start
Yikes... when it comes to laptops I'm the dumb blondes mate, no harm
to drop a post in Laptops to ask there, here's the link

When my Epson 62 printer conked.... "ok, ok don't laugh" I
wanted a printer, I refuse to believe the write ups and all the gloss
so I Googled for user's comment's on various shopping site's CNET as
an example...

...as I rather believe what people say about them than all the 'hype'
you read in magazines... I ended up with a Canon ip5000 and it was
what people were saying about them that made me decide, also take note
which people are complaining about most.

Think I would consider customer support and after sales service is a
must, more so any back up repair disc should the system crash.

Waiting a month and being certain is a darn sight better than dashing
out tomorrow to buy and regret. Sorry the best I can do.


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