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Yousuf Khan December 17th 03 08:41 PM

Intel developers helping out with Linux AMD64
A German website seems to be reporting that some of the kernel work in Linux
2.4.x for AMD64 is being handled by an Intel programmer, Len Brown.

Also speculation that an AMD64 chip will be coming out from Intel by 2005.

Original link:


Yousuf Khan

Here's the Babelfished version:

At present it goes times again hot ago in the rumor kitchen approximately
around Intels 64-Bit ambitions into the x86-Welt. The "Yamhill" prehistory
is long and complicated, why we would like to refer here simply times to our
detailed message in addition from October.
Now to the News: Unite eddies before a few weeks the publication of the new
Linux Kernels 2.4.23 caused. Typically for the open SOURCE scene the changes
or improvements on the source code are most thoroughly documented and
published in form of a Changelogs. The fact that the Linux Kernel developer
may fall back thereby to the assistance of programmers of the large chip
developers is for a long time well-known. Why however just Intel programmer
Len Brown must concern himself with changes in the AMD x86-64 part of the
source code, appears at least doubtful, if not most suspicious. The Linux
Kernel here fit made for the Intel conversion of the AMD x86-64 of command
sentence? At present nothing as speculation, but nevertheless not completely

Into the same notch today again xbit labs push. There one wants to have
experienced over the market research firm American Technology Research that
Intel plans the announcement of the Pentium 4/5 with 64-Bit extensions for
the first half of the yearly 2004. Concern it not around an
self-development, but - as cooked in the rumor kitchen for a long time - an
implementation of AMDs x86-64 command sentence. Thus the 64-Bit of programs
for the Opteron and Athlon would be executable 64 also on the future Intel
x86-64 CPUs! Microsoft is to have already announced , under no circumstances
still another further 64-Bit operating system have developed, after there is
already a 64-Bit variant for the IA64 command sentence of the server
processor Intel Itanium (however in the PC market no role plays) and shortly
also a AMD64-Variante for the x86-64 command sentence of the AMD Opteron and
Athlon 64. Into the sales the new Intel processor is to come at the earliest

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