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Me August 23rd 03 06:24 AM

Directx Problem Solved
Good to hear that you've fixed the problem.
And such a simply remedy in the end too.

"Dudley Henriques" wrote in message
I would like to post this after some of you went to a lot of trouble to

me with a problem in directx dxdiag. It isn't often I get a chance to help
someone else, and it's a pleasure for me to be able to post what was the
final solution to the issue. I sincerely hope it helps someone else.
Problem was in dxdiag not passing the display tests in 3D and direct draw.
This was a problem in several versions of directx, several video drivers,
and several different cards.
Thanks to several people on this group taking their time to post to me on
his issue, I was able to isolate at least partially what was happening.
After moving the video card out of PCI slot 1 into another slot and
isolating a single IRQ to the video card, things started to improve, but

tests still were failing in dxdiag. I finally found the problem and the
solution tonight. It was the REFRESH RATE on the monitor, a Dell P991.

had told me a year and a half ago to put the refresh rate at 100, which I
did. On a web search tonight, I just happened on a post from someone who

solved a similar problem by reducing the refresh rate on the monitor to

which I understand is a normal setting anyway. I reduced it to 75 and the
issue was solved instantly.
All the tests now pass again and again with no problems. So if any of you
folks have a problem in dxdiag with the tests not passing, try looking at
the refresh rate on your monitor.
I would like to thank this group for being here when I needed you, and I
sincerely hope this solution helps someone out there who might need a
helping hand just like I did.
Thanks again,
Dudley Henriques
International Fighter Pilots Fellowship
Commercial Pilot/CFI

Dudley Henriques August 23rd 03 06:32 AM

"Me" wrote in message
Good to hear that you've fixed the problem.
And such a simply remedy in the end too.

Unbelievable isn't it...how the simple stuff is what REALLY makes the world
go round :-)))

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