View Full Version : Anybody had problems with 5700U overheating ?

September 15th 04, 11:19 PM
hello folks
some Makers of 5700U Graphics cards,
use tiny heatsinks for the GPU and esp the DDR2 RAM.
has anybody had problems with the card overheating?
I have one which has suddenly started stopping the PC booting,
and up to then would give me black screens and system hangs.
the DDR2 RAM heatsinks were too hot to touch.
and the fins on them were only about 2mm high.
I dont O/C my PC or the GPU, and the system temp is about 30C,
this is with a 'Server' case big black thing with 3 fans.
I thought it was my AMD64 3200+ and or Windows playing up,
but popped in an old MX440 and some programs work smoother!!!!!
The first 5700U crad was DOA with duff memory, so did a RMA to the maker.
got the replacement from them, as the cards have a lifetime warrentry.
PS I did some digging using Google for 5700U and 'Nvidia reference design'.
it seems that a lot of the manufactorers skimped on heatsinks for the 5700U,
the Nvidia and some others use big plate heatsinks front and back,
compared to some who use tiny plate heatsinks that barely cover the memory
as the RAM is DDR2 and runs at 450/900 MHZ this seems daft.
this is on graphics cards that cost $200, and are supposed to be good mid
range cards.
regards malcolm

[AGB] malcolm