View Full Version : MSI Master2-FAR and Dual 244's dual memory channel questions?!!?

Douglas Crane
August 27th 04, 06:40 AM
I have a dual 244 setup with 4x512 XMS512R-3200C2P2 memory, for a total
of 2GB memory. When booting it registers all the memory, but when I look
in Sandra or CPUID, is tells me only one channel memory.

I am runing the 1.1 bios revision.

Any idea? or is the configuration for dual channel memory only available
with one processor. This machine ran in dual channel when I only had 2
512 modules and one CPU. I sinde added the second CPU and the second GB
of memory.

I have heard rumors that if your run 4 dimms on this board that you only
get single channel of memory. Can someone confirm this?

Processor steppings are the same if that matter to anyone.

Help appreciated.

--Doug Crane