View Full Version : Win4Lin works fine on AMD64s in 32 bit mode.

General Schvantzkoph
August 25th 04, 10:37 PM
In an earlier thread I reported that I couldn't get Win4Lin to work on my
new Athlon 64 notebook. I now have it working on a 2.6.7 kernel on Fedora
2 (32 bit version). To get Win4Lin to work on the AMD64 you have to do the
following when building the kernel.

1) It must be a 32 bit kernel, Win98 uses the x86 protected mode which is
incompatible with the 64 bit modes on the AMD64. I built the kernel as a
K7 (Athlon) kernel.

2) You must disable the following two options,

If these options are selected then the Win4Lin module will core dump when
it is loaded. If you turn them off everything works fine.

Thanks to the NeTraverse support people for a very quick response. They
are a great company with a very useful product.