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August 7th 04, 06:04 AM
Greets Fitz,

When you answered my question about a single hard drive on the SATA
RAID controller, you mentioned that I should have opted for some
PC3500 memory over the PC3200 memory that I had ordered. Well, you
were right, because the Corsair sticks will not run stable at CAS 2
(as it comes aggressively timed from the factory). Relaxing the
timing to CAS 2.5 seemed to do the trick because that made my system
stable. I just think it sucks that I paid extra for the Corsair
PC3200XLPRO series and it won't run reliably @ 200 MHz and CAS2 as
rated! This is the first time Corsair has let me down since January
2000, when I started using them exclusively in all of my systems!

Rather than eating the 15% restocking fee, and ordering some PC3500
memory, I opted to keep the Corsair and run it at CAS 2.5. Besides
stability, I can't tell the performance difference between CAS 2 and
CAS 2.5 (lol).

Once again, thanks for the input, and you can take this opportunity to
say "I told you so".