View Full Version : Which 3400+A, 3400+B, or 3500+ ?

Chris Carlen
July 7th 04, 03:48 AM

Months ago I learned there would be in Q2 '04 a 2.4GHz 512k 3400+ chip
for socket 754 from this article:


I bought a machine with the 2.2GHz 1M 3400+, which works well. But I
figured I'd like to try the 2.4GHz chip for the next machine. I am
cost sensitive, so the less expensive S754 motherboard appeals to me,
rather than adding another $80 or so for the 3500+ S939, and another
$50 or so for a S939 mobo, when I'd expect not that dramatic a
performance improvement.

Anyway, my vendor was perplexed when I asked him to get me a 2.4GHz
512k 3400+ chip, and after two weeks has failed to produce. Then I
read this article which led me to suspect that maybe the 2.4GHz 512k
3400+ for S754 really doesn't exist after all:


But then I discovered that at NewEgg.com, they list the two different
S754 3400+ chips in stock, with only a $12 price difference, but as
expected, the 3500+ is about $80 more.

At least now have evidence to show my vendor that he'd better get his
act together and get me my chip.

But the deeper question is: Which 3400+ should I get, or is an extra
$100-$150 increase in system cost (budget of $1500-$1600 max, quoted
$1420 already) worth it for the 3500+ with its 1M L2 and 128 bit
memory interface, though it is running the same core speed as the
other 2.2GHz variants? Also, I run Linux and am comfortable with the
Asus K8V mobo, so switching to a new cutting edge mobo like A8V gives
some trepidation, especially if the risk is accompanied with only
marginal performance increase.

Thanks for input.

Good day!