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June 14th 04, 01:15 AM
Person who posted this message is lying to us. Don't belive bush, don't
believe this terrorist either. This post has nothing to do with alt comp
hardware amd x86-64, so he/she/it who posted this message is a terrorist.
Loves Kerry too much and supports Al-Qeida, don't visit his site, all he
wants is to make money on advertisement on the site, so he wants you to
visit it and steal your time.

"www.BushLies2.Us" > wrote in message
> http://www.BushLies2.Us
> George W Bush and his administration has been caught red-handed lying
about and falsifying
> intelligence on Iraq. They have been uncooperative, at best, in the
investigation of
> September 11. They have ties to some of the world's most corrupt people,
including bin Laden
> and the Taliban. There are several points that can be made that shows the
2000 election
> may have been, in fact, stolen.
> Do not believe everything the overwhelmingly conservative media, owned by
> few large multimedia conglomerates run by wealthy republican operatives,
spews at you.
> Investigate for yourself. It is your duty to check your government and
make it accountable
> for mistakes and lies. Our very demovracy is at stake. Civil liberties,
including right to
> privacy, seperation of church and state, freedom of speech, are targets of
> administration. Corporations are getting more and more say in government
and The People are
> getting less.
> Please visit my site. It is a collection of articles, websites, audio and
video showing the
> many ways this administration may have abused its power during it's reign.
While we all
> hope none are true, if even one is, and some are by their own admission,
our democracy
> is in trouble. When a President, with a minority of the popular vote, who
ran on a
> platform of restoring dignity, honor and accountability to the White
House, has been less
> than dignified, honorable and has been completely unaccountable for 9/11,
bad Iraq
> intelligence, the leaking of a CIA Operative's identity to the press (a
federal felony),
> the awarding of no-bid contracts to the Vice Presidents former company, a
deficit that is
> larger than any in history, stagnant job growth with new jobs starting at
lower wages,
> rising gas prices, an underfunded No Child Left Behind Act that he
proposed, an underfunded,
> stretched-thin military fighting two wars simultaneously in Humvees with
no armor and no
> date for withdrawel, he must be defeated.
> Some call those who question the government traitors or commies or
UnAmerican. Our country
> was founded on dissent. Our forefathers recognized valueable human rights
being taken away
> by a tyrant that used fear to control his people. They stood up and fought
for the freedom
> from tyrannical burdensome rule. They recognized that the People own the
country, not the
> government leaders. They even recognized the right for the people to
redress grievances
> against their government. Our declaration of Indepenance states that when
our government
> becomes tyrannical and burdensome on its people, it is the duty of the
People to throw out
> that government and form a new one.
> We do not have to be as violent as they were in those days - yet. We have
an established
> system of government that CAN be changed by the people in a non-violent
way - through the
> voting booth. Is Kerry the answer? Probably not. But I can assure you of
this: If Kerry is
> President, I can rest easy at night knowing that the police havent come to
my place while
> I wasnt home, took some things they may want to use as evidence against me
in the future
> and not say they were there, just because I sent an email to someone
saying "The concert
> I went to last night was the bomb!" causing the CIA computers to key in on
the word BOMB
> giving them reason to search on the grounds that I may be a terrorist. I
DO, however, fear
> this will happen if Bush gets re-elected in November, the Republicans
retain both houses
> of Congress, and the USA Patriot Act gets signed into law forever. By
voting in Kerry,
> we can be assured that at least discrimination will not be written in our
> as Mr. Bush has proposed. Once we reaffirm our commitment to freedom, we
can commit the
> next 4 years to find a true outsider, who can relate to us, who will be
honest with us,
> and get this country out of the corruption and back on track to a better
future. Republican,
> Democrat, Libertarian, whatever...doesn't matter. As long as they are out
of the loop of corruption that seems to surround D.C. these days. I'm not
saying Kerry is, but he has
> been in Washington so long, I have no reason to trust him on certain
issues any more than
> his conservative counterparts. I do, however, feel confident that he is
firm on his
> position of civil rights, though I have a small disagreement involving gay
> Please visit http://www.BushLies2.Us and investigate for yourself. We are
in a wonderful
> information age where many reputable resources that aren't related to the
Fox News
> republican propoganda machine, or the Disney outlets that are in Jeb
Bush's pocket, and in
> George's de facto.
> http://www.BushLies2.Us

Early 2 Riz
June 14th 04, 02:06 AM
Johny, you should also remember not to quote the trolls. <g>